The divide to cause men and women to go to war

Note: Opinion piece.

It’s not surprising that there is a divide happening between men and women. One of those reasons: Feminism.

Feminism only stands upon one crutch. Publicly, anyway. The crutch? “Equality between men and women.” But behind the shadows, there is more that Feminism plans to take and/or break.

We all know what used to be. In the simpler times of yore, before women began to seek after their own versions of happiness, the general style of living would be for men to become successful and for women to seek for a suitable and successful man within his field, to marry him, bear children to the man and look after them as the man worked long hours for his loved ones. But, a certain group of women became overwhelmed with the thought to rebel against the norm, to degrade their place in society and, within their minds was borne Feminism.

Feminism, originally, was created to give women equality. But, over time it has become much more sinister, more greedy.

We’ve had grifters, such as Anita Sarkeesian, and even hacks (ie: superficial posers) such as Zoe Quinn. For those that do not know, Sarkeesian is notorious for her Tropes vs Women in Video Games. Of course, the whole idea of her videos were to destroy the tropes of the feminine woman and, instead, make ways to turn her into a testosterone-charged woman, effectively turning her into a butch lesbian-like character. And, Zoe Quinn? She effectively started the whole Gamergate movement by creating a game and, using her wiles (if she has any), slept with a games journalist to get a good review on her game. Both people claim to be feminists, or used their role as women to try to persuade people that there are problems in society, or even one single problem: the meme that is “toxic masculinity”.

Fast forward to today, we see that the #MeToo movement paved way to false sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations. We also see that there has been an illness in society in the form of women wanting more money — #GenderWageGap.

We all know what the purpose of the myth of the gender wage gap is. But, the truth about it is this: If a man and a woman worked for the same company in the same position for the same hours, they’d be paid the same.

And we all know what #MeToo was supposed to do: pave way for women to out those that did wrong to them. But individuals decided to take it upon themselves to corrupt the movement for their own purposes: to turn those they hated into sexual predators when they did nothing wrong.

Now, we see a further problem: The case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Heard is heard stating that she physically abused Depp within one of their conversations, but what would feminists think about Heard facing the same punishment as men do when men physically abuse women?

Or what about a settlement between an ex-husband and his ex-wife, where the ex-wife would be earning much more than her ex-husband, and having to give recompense for the man’s contribution (time and effort) to the relationship? What would feminists say?

Feminism isn’t for equality. It seeks to make the woman as the head (the leader) and man to be subjected to the woman’s will, or even worse, to fear women through social and economic perversions/corruption. Think of the story of Adam and Eve in the Holy Bible, where corrupted ideas (such as possessing power like a deity) was an allure to Eve and Adam was persuaded by Eve’s wiles.

Such is feminism, just as other movements. Corruption lies at the heart, but it’s not until the external ideas are taken away that you can see said corruption.

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