Guess Who Believes in White Man Being Supreme…

The Answer May Shock You.

You’ve heard the lines, right? “If you’re White, you’re already a racist!” “Nobody can be racist against a White person!” “We’re a ‘minority’ and we are oppressed by this society full of White people!” “If you’re White and don’t have a child to a ‘person of color’, then you are a racist!” What if I were to tell you that these are oppressive lines to demean and eradicate the White Man, because the ‘minorities’ in the West and Europe ACTUALLY believe that White Man is better than them?

I want us to go through a whole list of terms for a brief understanding of what they mean and why they may fail to live up to their intention. The first one that we will look at is “racism”.


The definition of “racism”, according to Oxford, screen captured via Google.

Apparently, “racism” includes “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”, or even “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”.

Of course, “racism” is a relatively new term. It was CREATED AND USED LESS THAN 100 (One Hundred) years ago, as you can tell by the chart in the above image.

The term “racism” fails in respect that, in Europe and the West, White Man has allowed his land to be shared with those that are of a different ethnicity / race compared to him, but has failed to allow for the same people to be reprimanded under the law of the land, if they break laws, less they are called “racist” by the “minority”. Such instances can be found in Europe where ‘minorities’, under the guise of being Muslims, wreak havoc in the land.


With the following term, “White Supremacy”, I wanted to get a definition that best fit the term, but couldn’t find one because Google doesn’t do that. So, instead, I had to use the ADL’s definition. With the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), it must be said that their aim has been to place their own people at the forefront of being protected, and the rest second, as proposed in the following “Mission Statement”.

ADL’s Mission Statement.

Before I get into the crux of the term, as outlined by the ADL, I want you to think about the following idea: When a person travels overseas, to an established society in which there is a predominant racial majority, would you think that the society there is predominantly unique in favor of those that created the society?

Definition of “White Supremacy”, according to the ADL.

When the ADL presents people with the definition of the term, “White Supremacy”, they do it in a subtle way. The “first tenet — Whites should have dominance over people of other backgrounds, especially where they may co-exist” is so false that it shouldn’t be there. “Dominance” can have many connotations. When talking about individuals, “dominance” can mean being their “master”, as in slavery. “Dominance”, on a geopolitical scale, means to have “dominion” over something. This can be seen in having control over the land and regulating laws over all people, no matter their ethnicity. Remember that predominant racial majority I mentioned before? Weren’t White people the racial majority when they established the United States of America? How is it that their “dominance” over the laws of the land so hard for most of those that consider themselves as a ‘minority’ so difficult to follow? And, if a White person travels overseas to a different land of a different race, do you think that they would think that they should rule over those that started the society? Hardly. Instead, those that are White and travel to a different nation WOULD have to follow the LAWS of that said nation.

“Tenet two — Whites should live by themselves in a Whites-only society”. Now, when you see those words, or even hear those words, and you replace the words with another race, do they agree with you? Why? Let’s do the “unimaginable” right now, and use Israel as an example… If you look at Israel, the nation that was set up for a homeland for the Jews to live in (but not compulsory), despite it being highly populated by Palestinians in 1948, it is basically, on all accounts, an ethnostate today. Why, then, is it a sin for a White ethnostate to be created, even if the White Man wants to live in peace within this world? If a group of White people wanted to start their own nation, culture, live in peace with the surrounding nations and work on their own, improving their culture, their land, their laws, etc, would it be classified as “racist”? Would it be classified as “White Supremacist”?

“Tenet Three — White people have a ‘culture’ that is superior to other cultures.” This is a false assumption. White Man’s culture is no better than other cultures, it could be greatly improved (to me, it could be more Christian than it is), but it is vastly different compared to other cultures. Cultures are grown and developed by the people within a nation. You have the general, broad culture that the nation develops and then you have the differences between certain areas. Eg: Britain and Australia are vastly different. In Australia, farmland and the towns that surround them are vastly different from the hustle and bustle of the large cities, but certain towns will be different in certain ways from others. The same with the cities, but there is a somewhat common culture that underlies the nation as a whole — ie: traditional foods, holidays, etc. Remember expecting societies being “predominantly unique in favor of those that created the society”?

“Tenet Four — White people are genetically superior to other people.” Counter-point: Jewish people sell the idea that they have a higher IQ to other races. Does that sound like “Jewish Supremacy”? At the end of the day certain people will believe what is placed in front of them but underlying basic knowledge of the human anatomy and how a person can benefit from the right way of living, working in favor to their own natural ability vs their own weaknesses, anybody can achieve anything when they place their mind to it. Certain people will be prone to more intellectual pursuits, others to physical feats, but there will be different attributes to everyone you come across. Some having desirable, and others having less desirable, attributes.

I must admit, the ADL does give some convincing “tenets” to what “White Supremacy” is, but they fail on all accounts because they dictate what it is and try to use subtle language to describe it.


What’s a “White Nationalist”?

There are two versions to this. The first is a person who is White, but also a Nationalist, pledging his allegiance to his nation first and foremost. An example of this would be a person, who is White, living in USA, loving his nation (USA), and wanting to protect it from enemies inside and outside of their nation.

And the second is like the first, but the second involves White Man wanting his own nation for himself and those that are like him, without anyone that is foreign to his racial phenotype living in the land, to live peacefully among his fellow man. Those that aren’t White may pass through peacefully, if needed, or even receive education for a short period of time, but never to live within the land permanently.

Merriam-Webster (being such good chronologists) took the time to place the term on their website. And, as you may expect, their definition is in line with what the ‘most popular opinion’ is given the political climate in the West.

Definition of ‘White Nationalist’ from Merriam-Webster.

Meanwhile, you’ve got to ask, who are these people that are trying to make the White man look evil. But, I digress. Moving on…


The differences are staggering. Here you have ‘nationalism’ and ‘supremacism’, with people believing that Nationalism is the same as Supremacism, but what about all the poor, the needy, those that are part of the 99%?

Google knows no definition for ‘supremacism’, but instead, gives a definition via Wikipedia, which I am not going to be bothered posting. In lieu of such a thing, posted is the definition for ‘supremacist’.

Even though a few people within the White Race believe that the White Race is the greatest race, so do a fair few ‘minorities’ — many more than those who are “White Supremacists”, as evidenced above, and their vocabulary includes the term, “White Privilege”, believing there is something about White people that holds them at a higher standing, but there has got to be a question to be asked.


When a person uses the word “PRIVILEGE” when talking about White people, do they know what they are talking about?

Definition of ‘privilege’.

Read the definition… It’s there, above.

If you and I were lawyers, and a person were to do something wrong, no matter the Law involved… Like steal, or kill, or rape a person, do you think they did wrong? Do you believe that the LAW is EQUAL to ALL and should be ENACTED UPON when dealing a JUDGEMENT? I do.

But, the difference is that, when it comes to the West, there is a thing called ‘corruption of the Law’, an easy way out, a way for certain assholes that work in law enforcement to take bribes from certain members of the ‘higher society’. Politicians are the highest of the corrupt, along with certain moguls of illegal and non-illegal industries.

But, don’t believe that all White people are evil, that they are immune, etc.… As the Holy Bible states,

“… when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:
Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another.
— Romans 2:14–15

… there is no respect of persons with God.
— Romans 2:11

Finishing up….

More ‘white supremacists’ are found in the ‘minority’ population of those who hate White Man and the society White Man has built. They do not scream for White Man to exist, but seek White Man’s destruction and theft of what White Man owns. This isn’t a war that is fought ultimately with weapons and firearms, but could be escalated to such in the form of civil war.

If the West wanted ‘equality’, they should’ve known that…

But, what about being EQUAL UNDER ONE LAW?

White Man’s society has been weakened through the form of ‘multiculturalism’ (which I believe is code for multi-racialism) and it has been tried many a time, just like Communism, but to no success. What people will not understand, before it’s too late, is that White Man’s culture, his society, his morals, will all be naught when he becomes a minority in his own lands — Europe and the West.



Main interests: Politics and video games. I have others, but they are numerous. I like to write opinion pieces.

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L. J. Critcher

Main interests: Politics and video games. I have others, but they are numerous. I like to write opinion pieces.