The First Amendment and Civil Unrest

It is true that the First Amendment in the Constitution of United States of America declares the right to the Freedom of Speech. The First Amendment can not be infringed upon by congress by making any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the right to petition the government. Thanks to Wikipedia for that info.

It has seemed that within the last few days, peaceful protest (or “the right to peaceably assemble”) has become more sinister, escalating in terms towards CRIMINAL acts — violence, arson, theft and destruction of buildings and vehicles. I know, it’s not all protesters, but it is a reasonable number of people that pose as protesters that have been doing so. Mainly those of the likes of AntiFA.

AntiFA, even though not an organized group — having no real figurehead in their circles, are willing to organize pretty quickly and effectively via groups on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, outlining the locations they should ‘protest’ at. They are also willing to spend resources upon travelling interstate to bolster their numbers, trying to outnumber any force that opposes their views and their will. And, certainly, their will is displayed in the destruction of their wake, in their acts of terrorism.

Of course, it’s just not AntiFA at the moment, but also some people that want to capitalize on these acts of terrorism. Chaos brings on selfish acts — theft, being one. An act of revenge upon a certain business is a given possibility, even if it’s a business that may have what a person wants — or even a local rival to another’s business.

But, let us not forget how these bouts of protests and acts of terrorism have started: through a ‘person of color’, George Floyd, dying during an arrest. Surely, like any incident that has happened in the last few years, there will be questions surrounding how and why it happened, along with whether what they saw actually happened, questioning the reality of the event but these questions, at the moment, do not matter since the event— the “whirlwind” that is the end result of the “butterfly flapping its wings” — is coming in real fast.

How fortunate for this chaos to appear, straight after an incident, straight after the lockdown laws start to slowly ease, out of nowhere and on demand via AntiFA — a civil unrest, to create a crime state so an authoritarian stance can be achieved. For certain people, they will welcome this authoritarian stance for Order, to put Chaos in its place.

So, a ‘person of color’ dies during an arrest, people want to come together to protest, bringing attention to how the arrest happened and how it ended a man’s life. Is that a good thing, is that permitted? In my opinion, yes. As long as it is under a peaceful assembly, provided it does not obstruct anyone else’s way of travel or threaten other’s safety. This is not what we are seeing. Instead, we are seeing acts of violence and terrorism without a single remorse for the fact that a man had died. Had these people — those that are causing acts of violence and terrorism — really stood by their cause (which they don’t), they would do so peacefully.

“This is the dead body we stand on, and by his name shall we do whatever we want because that specific name gives us the right to do it. And, by that same name, destruction shall come because we will it.” That is the sentiment that is being pushed by these pathetic ‘protesters’.

Chaos demands destruction. Order demands to either build, conserve or rebuild. This is what this is all about. The destruction of the United States of America, so Communists can take over. And, no-one knows destruction more than those part of Communist regimes. People can down-play Communism to the point where regimes killed their own people, that there was no ill done since there was no racism involved, but that would all be a pipe dream. No, weak-willed people play their part by following an ideology that leads them to destruction. The wolves, ever so easily, devouring the sheep. The blind leading the blind, if you will.

How do you stop this? How do you all stop the violence, stop the destruction? You build, you tame yourselves from doing wrong, you maintain peace — both in your minds and in your hearts. And you protest in peace, convey your ideas in peace, even if you disagree with others. “And what of violence?” Protest against it. Do not go out to seek violence, but protect yourselves and others from it. This is the true way of the First and Second Amendments.




Main interests: Politics and video games. I have others, but they are numerous. I like to write opinion pieces.

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L. J. Critcher

L. J. Critcher

Main interests: Politics and video games. I have others, but they are numerous. I like to write opinion pieces.

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